3 Things That Future Cars Won’t Have

Since electric cars are still taking the world by storm, I think our cars will become easier to use over time. Some people might find that scary, but others, including myself, find it interesting. If transportation methods are made more accessible, they should work better and last longer. So, now that we know that let’s talk about what parts of cars we’re used to that will start to go away in the next couple of years.

Future Cars

1. Brakes

No, I’m not a murderer, but I do think that in the future, your everyday commuter car won’t have brakes (disc or drum) but will instead use regenerative braking and possibly some active aerodynamics to slow down in a way that is safe and efficient.

People might find this strange, but we should all take a second to remember that cars didn’t always have four brakes. When cars were first made, they were so slow that two brakes in the front were enough. We started to think about adding another pair in the back when cars got faster. But since vehicles now have electric motors, it doesn’t take much to use those motors to slow down a vehicle.

Future Cars

When you combine this with a simplified air brake that increases air resistance, we won’t need standard brakes anymore, and our cars will be very efficient and won’t need brake work every 30,000 miles. One of the biggest problems with that idea is that vehicles have been getting heavier and heavier over the years, especially since they’ve been getting these big rechargeable batteries.

Still, I don’t think it will be long before the average weight of vehicles starts to go down as battery density increases and computer technology keeps getting smaller.

Future Cars

2. Keys

Even though Tesla’s use of key cards and Ford’s use of a phone app are already signs of this trend, I think it will take off in the next couple of years. New cars will no longer have a place to put a physical key, and they won’t come with any key or key fob either. Instead, we’ll all sign into apps on our phones and use them the same way we use the standard key fob for our push-to-start cars. In general, cars won’t need keys in the future.

Future Cars

3. Side Mirrors

If you ever wanted to make a car that is bad for aerodynamics, all you would have to do is put some side mirrors on it. No, these things must be one of the worst parts of every car. Not only do they make our cars wider in real life, but they also make our vehicles drag a lot more than they need to.

We use side mirrors now to improve safety and avoid accidents. Still, I think that over the next couple of years, once regulations allow it, we’ll see them replaced by sensors like LiDAR and cameras, which are everyone’s favorite.

Future Cars

With small digital devices that can do what mirrors used to do, we can make our future cars more fuel-efficient and make them safer by giving us a better view of what’s happening around them.


As of 2022, cars are very complicated machines. Even the ones with EV powertrains have a lot of electronics, hardware, and other parts that hold everything together. Even though we don’t have a more straightforward car, I think more cars will be made more accessible, starting with these three things!

Future Cars

This is what I think about cars getting easier to use in the future. Now I want to hear what you all think. As technology improves, what do you think cars will start to get rid of? Please leave your thoughts and comments below and tell me what you think!

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