3 Ways Technology Is Changing Healthcare

The majority of the economy has been driven by technology and new ideas. It has not only made whole new industries and changed many others, but it has probably also made the lives of billions of people better. Think about how people can now get information from all over the world in their pockets or from the comfort of their homes.

Just 30 years ago, this was just not possible. This could be bad news for libraries, but it’s also giving people a place to express themselves and helping others learn new things. So, with that said, here are some ways I think technology will help our health over the next ten years. How has technology changed healthcare?


1. More Data – Future of Healthcare Technology

Data isn’t just beneficial for big companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. It’s also useful for individuals like you and me. With helpful health metrics from our phones, smartwatches, and maybe even cars, one day, we’ll be able to spot health problems long before they become big.


Whether it’s how fast we breathe or how we sleep, or if one day our smart devices will be able to track our blood sugar without needles, that’s what they can do. No matter what technology we use, as long as we get helpful health information, everyone can make better, healthier decisions about their health.


2. Low Emissions

Even if we keep using cars that run on fossil fuels, we’re still making them more efficient every year, which will lead to a drop in emissions overall.

Still, as the switch to electric vehicles and other forms of transportation continues at an exponential rate, it’s easy to see that one day there will be so few emissions in cities that there will be a generation of people who don’t know what the smell of car exhaust is.


With these changes, air quality will improve, and kids may even want to go outside and play again. Though I’ll admit, I enjoy video games just a little bit more than I do playing outside! But that’s me…

3. Stress – Improved Patient Care

Even though not everyone can see it, modern life is getting less stressful every day. With the help of modern technology, people are spending less and less time on menial tasks.


Think about how much easier it is to order something from Amazon than drive to a grocery or specialty store. You may have to wait a few days for your items to arrive, but you don’t have to put in much time or effort to make that purchase. Start thinking about a smart thermostat, a robot lawnmower, or a self-driving car.

As technology continues to meet our needs, our stress levels should go down because we’ll have more time to rest, relax, and play.


I’m a big supporter of technological progress because I know how useful it can be to me. Having a supercomputer in my pocket makes me more productive, but I also know that there are many health benefits.


This is what I think about how technology will improve the health of society in the long run. Please tell me what you think! Do you think technology will improve or hurt people’s health in the future? What do you think, and what do you have to say?

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