Remote Desktop Software for Technical Support in 2022: The Top 10

Remote support software lets system administrators control computers from a distance, see what the user sees on the screen, interact with it, and give technical support when it’s needed. Some companies use remote desktops to do administrative tasks like system management or to keep an eye on problems and fix them without being there in person.

It’s important to remember that software for remote support has one significant advantage over traditional support requests, which are usually made by phone or email.

remote desktop software

Remote support software lets you see your whole computer desktop in real-time. This makes it easier to fix problems with your operating system or software installation, and you often don’t even have to ask the user for any information.

Teamviewer and Anydesk are two of the most popular programs for remote access. These programs have pros and cons, but I won’t write about them because anyone who gives remote help has probably already heard of them. This article will talk about the best alternatives to Teamviewer that any tech person should look into.

remote desktop software

Remote Pc Access Software – Tools for Managing Customer Service

The following are management tools for customer service.

1. Zoho Assist

You need an authorization code to access or control another computer through the Zoho Assist service. This software lets you control and access other devices from a distance. The operator can work on multiple sessions simultaneously, giving remote help and managing their own devices.

The browser is also used to make the connection. To get to the remote troubleshooting client screen, all you have to do is give its email address. Many users complain that the client is hard to use during a live chat session and doesn’t always show the full text.


Cloud software lets you access it from anywhere with a browser. Send the client an invitation link, and the session will begin as soon as he clicks on it. You can connect to other users and give them access to your computer through Quick Support. Branding can be set up so that the user can tell which company they are connecting from.

System administrators say that is the best software for remote access and help. If your company has more than one system administrator, you can put them on a team and give them different tasks.

remote desktop software

The service also lets you connect permanently. Just add computers to your office, and you can connect to them at any time. You can record a remote session and talk to the client through chat and voice during the connection if you need to.

3. Atera

Versatile remote management and monitoring solution (RMM) with built-in PSA, remote access, patch management, automation, alerts, help desk, customer ticketing system, chat reports, billing, etc. The ticketing system is the one that users like the most.

It lets users report problems right from their email, enabling techs to keep track of any reported issues. But the mobile app doesn’t do a perfect job. It doesn’t work well, and you have to log in. On Mac, it is much harder to manage devices than on Windows.

4. FixMe.IT

A fast and easy-to-use client support manager that can give technical help to customers anywhere in the world, on-demand and unattended. FixMe.IT lets you provide unlimited on-demand service and manage up to 150 machines that aren’t being watched. You can connect to a remote user without having to install any software.

remote desktop software

All your customer has to do is open the website and give you their six-digit customer ID number. One of the problems is that it only works on Windows, and file transfers aren’t very stable. So, if you want the best remote desktop for Mac or Android, this service is not for you.

5. Remote PC

It is a fast and safe way for consumers, businesses, and IT professionals to access and manage remote Mac and Windows desktops from any device, including iOS and Android. You can give users remote access by sending them an email with a link or telling them a code. Then, the operator can connect to the client’s computer and set up everything himself.

6. ConnectWise Control

A good solution for remote access, meetings, and help. With ConnectWise Control, users can fix computers, update, and manage machines using remote access and support. Users can also use remote meetings to hold online seminars and presentations.

Commands can be run from the management console, and sessions for remote management start right away. During the session, you can talk to the user and send files. The service is hard to manage because it has a hard-to-understand interface and many different features. Only experienced support operators should use it.

7. Splashtop SOS

Splashtop SOS is made so that a licensed number of technicians can help you whenever you need it. It’s one of the popular Splashtop products that lets you help people quickly from a distance.

Each tech needs its license, which lets you work with ten clients. A license like this starts at $170 per year. There is both supervised and unsupervised access. The manager of client support works with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The service works as expected and has everything you need to help remote support clients. But not everyone likes that each person only gets a limited number of licenses.

8. BeyondTrust Remote Support (ex-Bomgar)

Remote desktop software help support teams of all sizes improve their business’s efficiency by giving secure, controlled remote support for almost any device or system, anywhere in the world.

Specialists can help remotely with computers that run Windows, Mac, or Linux and mobile devices that run Android, iOS, or even BlackBerry.

Easy for the customer to use (especially on Windows). Service providers, IT administrators, and vendors can use it to centralize management and protect remote access.

BeyondTrust Remote Support lets technical support teams from anywhere in the world access and fix problems on any remote device. And they all came from the same answer.

Features like remote support chat, skill-based routing, canned scripts, and escalation protocols make it easier for technicians to do their jobs and reduce the number of manual connections and support requests your team has to handle.

remote desktop software

9. ISL Light

A tool for remote support with all the features you need. Allows the operator to start a remote support session from the live chat program or invite a customer to join a support session by entering a unique session code.

The software has been translated into 28 languages and is used in many different fields, such as banking, government, insurance, and healthcare.

Some of the most important features are screen sharing, unsupervised access to remote computers, permission management, chat messaging, session recording, file transfer, Wake-On-LAN, and RDP routing.

The service can be used as a cloud service or a solution on a company’s servers. The license doesn’t limit the number of users, installations, or clients that users can connect to.

Users say that the only downside is that remote connection is rigid for people who don’t know much about IT. So, if you have a lot of customers like this, you should choose a service with an easier-to-use interface and connection method.

10. Rescue (ex-LogMeIn)

Rescue is one of the best programs for remote help. It is a service that makes it easy to help PCs, Macs, and mobile devices from afar. You can work with teams of any size, from small technical support departments to the biggest companies in the world.

The service doesn’t work on Linux, and it only works on mobile devices sometimes. Also, administrators complain in the reviews that they are often kicked out of their accounts and have to log back in, and the admin control center gets a lot of bad reviews. There were also complaints about customer support, but they may have already changed how they do things.

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